About Us

John Stewart, owner of J. STEWART ROOFING Ltd, has been installing roofs for the Toronto area homes and small businesses for over twenty five years. John is an experienced roofer having started roofing at a very young age he learned the basics of roofing and gradually became proficient in both shingling and then flat roofing. These two very different types of roofs require a different knowledge base and a real understanding of this can only be gained through actual hands-on work, so that one can see exactly how the materials work together and why.  

John, along with his father-in-law Larry has a combined experience of over sixty five years in the roofing business.

With these many years of hands-on experience to draw from they can swiftly and accurately evaluate where a roof problem is coming from and on many an occasion have saved customers thousands of dollars in potential water damage or the unnecessary expense of a new roof when only a smaller repair was actually needed. 

Flat roofs are particularly tricky to do and have become a specialty for J. Stewart Roofing Ltd. (For further details check out the newspaper article from the Toronto Star on this website. It is vital to gain real knowledge of the materials & techniques to not get stuck in just one way of doing things and stop there. Larry and John know how important it is to always keep up with the new roofing materials being invented and how they actually work in the field. In this way they have gained a greater library of knowledge on which to draw from, enabling them to know what combination of materials best for each unique customer’s job are presented to them.

What drives us

The viewpoint and policy on which J. Stewart Roofing Ltd. has been built over the years is to build the best roof possible within each unique circumstance and to ensure that a high quality roof is completed for our customers with the result of not just a happy customer but one who highly recommends J. Stewart Roofing Ltd. to their friends and family. Personal integrity of knowing we have done the best job possible with our work is what we stand behind and what has helped build up the reputation we now enjoy.

For over twenty five years this policy has been our strength and has served us well as we now have over eighty percent of our customers coming to us through referrals from former customers recommending us as honest and reliable roofers.


This is a family owned business that believes strongly in building long term relationships with their customers and with those people that their customers recommend. Over eighty percent of J. Stewart Roofing Ltd. business has and is continuing to be built on referrals! Below are some of the Executives of the business: 

John Stewart – owner, President and Sales Director for the company

Renai Stewart – wife of John and Financial Controller for their company

Larry Densmore – father-in-law of John, Production Manager as well as Sales Associate

The entire key to our success is our competent, experienced, pleasant, and knowledgeable staff. This is another reason why people chose to do business with J. Stewart Roofing Ltd. and why we are successful. 

John and Renai have built J. Stewart Roofing Ltd. with employees that have stayed working with them for many years and are considered part of the Stewart extended family. Having the same roofers working for them year after year helps not only the company thrive but as well it means that they all know each others work strengths & build on those for their customers.

They also took the time for a personal project of their own – to build a family and are happy to be busy raising two terrific young boys, all while growing the business in the East end of Toronto.

 J. STEWART ROOFING LTD. is committed to respecting the privacy of individuals and recognizes a need for the appropriate management and protection of any personal information that you agree to provide to us.
We will not share your information with any third party outside of our organization, other than as necessary to fulfill your request.
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